An Example of Online Teaching: What do you think?

This is a video made by Florida Virtual School, a leader in online education.  I wondered how it might be to communicate with students in this way.  How would students experience learning through a webinar format and would this style of instruction suit me as a teacher?

It’s important to note that in the “real world”, webinars and online conference calls are a commonly used communication method since it can be a better used of time and money when people are spread out.


-This teacher has a warm, intelligent persona and she seems to be very competent and caring towards her students.  She is expressive and clear in her communication style.  She seems well suited to teaching either in person or online.

-I would sign my own child up for this class…that is, if it were not available in person.  In person will always trump online–why?  I guess because we are embodied, physical beings that crave real sense experiences and the ability to have real time eye contact…but this is not really the central debate anymore because there will always be more amazing opportunities than can be offered in a local physical setting. I guess we just have to cherish the time we have in person and try to make the most authentic online experiences we can.  This is an example to consider…

What do you think?  Any thoughts?

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