What would Socrates Say about 21st Century Learning?

UPDATE FOR MARCH 12th, 2012: CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE EXPLORING THIS ARTICLE IN MORE DEPTH: http://whatwouldsocratessay.wordpress.com/

Peter w. Cookson Jr. is the author of a thought provoking article about 21st Century Learning, titled “What would Socrates Say?” and published in  Educational Leadership in September 2009.  Article Abstract:

The 21st century mind must adapt to the electronic learning environment that is replacing the linear, text- bound culture of conventional schools. The 21st century mind must engage in critical reflection to see the world from multiple points of view and imagine alternate outcomes, be willing to abandon supernatural explanations for naturally occurring events, recognize and accept a shared evolutionary collective intelligence, promote metacognitive skills to monitor learning, and make changes in approach if learning is not perceived to be going well. Socratic inquiry can be useful in systematically applying knowledge to real- world challenges.

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What would Socrates Say

Reference: Cookson, Jr. P. W. (Sept. 2009). What would Socrates Say? Educational Leadership, 67 (1), 8-14.

For more information on exploring the Socratic inquiry and philosophy in classrooms, please visit www.qisforquestion.com 

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