Welcome! Personalizinglearning.com presents one teacher’s own journey to understand, participate in and critique the “Personalized Learning” movement.  Here are the main tagged categories and sections of this blog:

  • ABOUT: The purpose and organization of the blog.
  • BIO: About the blogger.
  • DEFINITIONS: How is this term being used?
  • PRACTICAL: Real actions you can take today towards personalizing learning.
  • PHILOSOPHICAL: Questions and musings about the definition, meaning, and purpose of personalizing learning.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: How the “personalized learning” movement is experienced by the people; a critical look.

What do we mean when we talk about “personalized learning”?  Why are we talking more about this nowWhy should we strive for this?  And what are some practical steps teachers, parents, and students can take in the process of personalizing learning?  These are some of the questions this blog will explore in the coming months.

THE BLOGGER: Who am I?  I am Tiffany Poirier, an elementary school teacher, author and speaker based in Surrey, British Columbia.  I began this blog as a journey through my own evolving perspective on “personalized learning”.  I wanted to build on the conversation already happening, and create a kind of online scrapbook of ideas, favourite tips, web links, videos, references, and more.  Like many teachers, I like to think that I’ve been working on “personalizing learning” long before this educational catch phrase hit the front page.  Still there is always so much to learn!  And now, more than ever, it’s time to  re-evalute, articulate, act on and defend what “personalized learning” means for us.

As a starting point, I wanted to I titled this blog “Personalizing Learning”, a nod in the direction of the work of Dr. David Hargreaves, an early contributor to the movement.  He chose the progressive verb form to emphasize that we should aim for more of a process rather than a product.

This blog is a process too, one that I hope may steer towards clearer understandings, richer meanings and useful strategies.  At the very least, it is a joy to create!

Please join in the conversation–our greatest resources are one another!  Please don’t hesitate to comment…to borrow from E. M. Forester, How will we know what we think until we see what we say?

So, what do you think about personalizing learning?  How are you interpreting what is being said around you by students, teachers, family, friends, media, government, etcetera?  What are you seeing that really works?  What do you recommend? 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Keep on the journey regarding deconstructing what it means to be ‘personalizing’ learning. I just finished a large keynote in with 1000 teachers and it is a topic of great interest.

    Claim the space!


    • “Personalizing” learning–another beautiful concept colonized! The term must be defined! Even reclaimed! There is still much confusion… Thank you for your work being a voice and giving perspective, Phil…that is exactly what we need right now.

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